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  ViewSonic PJ503D 1500 Lumens DLP Projector
The ViewSonic PJ503D is a lightweight, versatile projector that's perfect for those on a tight budget or looking for their first home projector.

Only $379.99 after rebate*

  Viewsonic 2300 Lumens XGA DLP Projector
The ViewSonic PJ551D is a DLP® projector that offers great value and performance in a portable six-pound package.

Only $599.99

Optoma 2500 Lumens XGA DLP P
ViewSonic PJ503D 1500 Lumens
Planar 3000 Lumens XGA DLP P
Planar 2000 Lumen XGA DLP Pr
Epson 2200 Lumens XGA LCD Pr
Toshiba 2500 Lumens DLP Proj
Viewsonic 2300 Lumens XGA DL
Optoma 2000 Lumens XGA DLP P
InFocus IN10 DLP Projector
BenQ MP723 DLP Projector

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Epson 2000 Lumens SVGA LCD Projector
Epson PowerLite S5 LCD Projector - 2000 Lumens, SVGA 800 x 600, 5.8 lbs
Only $549.99 

Optoma 2000 Lumens XGA DLP Projector
Optoma EP708 2000 Lumens XGA 1024 x 768 4.4 lbs DLP Projector
Only $599.99 

Planar 2000 Lumen XGA DLP Projector 2.8 lbs.
Planar PR6020 2000 Lumens XGA 1024 x 768 2.8Lbs DLP Projector
Only $749.99 

BenQ 2200 Lumens XGA DLP Projector
BenQ MP622c DLP Projector - 2200 Lumens, XGA 1024 x 768, 5.5 lbs.
Only $699.99 

Epson 2200 Lumens XGA LCD Projector
Epson PowerLite 77c 2200 Lumens XGA 1024 x 768 6 lbs. LCD Projector
Only $649.99 

Epson 2200 Lumens XGA LCD Projector
Epson PowerLite 83c LCD Projector - 2200 Lumens, XGA 1024 x 768, 6.4 lbs, RJ-45, 7 Watt Speaker, AV/Mute Slide Lens Cover
Only $859.99 

Plus 2500 Lumens XGA DLP Projector
Plus Vision Taxan U6-232 DLP Projector - 2500 Lumens, XGA 1024 x 768, 4.4 lbs.
Only $689.99 

Planar 3000 Lumens XGA DLP Projector
Planar PR5020 DLP Projector - 3000 Lumens, XGA 1024 x 768, 7.3 lbs
Only $999.99 

BenQ W500 Home Theater LCD Projector
BenQ W500 LCD Projector - 1100 Lumens, 720p, 16:9, HDMI, Home Theater, 8.6 lbs.
Only $849.99 

Mitsubishi HC4900 Home Theater LCD Projector
Mitsubishi HC4900 Home Theater LCD Projector - 1000 Lumens, 1080p, 16:9, HDMI, DVI, 12.3 lbs.
Only $2,495.00 

Honeywell PowerPresenter Presentation Remote
Honeywell PowerPresenter RF with 150 Foot Range! Presentation Remote
Only $89.99 

Remote Point Presenter
Interlink Electronics VP4300 Presenter SE Executive PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer, Mouse and Flash Memory
Only $139.99 

Interlink Presenter and Pointer
Interlink VP6241 Wireless RF Combo Keyboard
Only $179.99 

InFocus Replacement Lamp
InFocus Lamp for LP540/LP640/SP5000 Projector
Only $329.99 

Draper 136" 1:1 Tripod Projection Screen
Draper Diplomat 136" Diagonal 1:1 Portable Tripod Projection Screen 96"x96"
Only $299.99 

Interlink Electronics VP4810 Presenters Mouse
Interlink Electronics VP4810 RPRF Presenter Boardroom PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer and Mouse
Only $99.99 

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Video Projectors

A video projector takes a video signal from a computer or video player, and projects the image on a projector screen using a lamp and lens system. All video projectors use a very bright light to project the image, and most modern ones can correct most distortions, such as curves, blurriness, and other inconsistencies through manual control settings. Video projectors are widely used for conference room presentations, classroom training, and home theatre applications.

A video projector may also be built into a cabinet with a rear-projection screen (rear-projection TV, or RPTV) to form a single display device, now popular for "home theater" applications. Common display resolutions for a portable projector include SVGA (800×600 pixels), XGA (1024×768 pixels), 720p (1280×720 pixels), and 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). There are also very light weight video projectors perfect for a traveling executive.

The cost of a device is not only determined by its resolution, but also by its light output, acoustic noise output, contrast, and other characteristics. While most modern projectors provide sufficient light for a small screen, a projector with a higher light output (measured in lumens, abbreviated "lm") is required for a larger screen or a room with a higher amount of ambient light. A rating of 1000 to 1500 ANSI lumens or lower is suitable for smaller screens with controlled lighting. Between 1500 and 3000 lm is suitable for medium-sized screens in a typical setting. Over 3000 lm is great for very large screens in a large room with no lighting control (for example, a conference room). Projected image size is important; because the total amount of light does not change, as size increases, brightness decreases. Image sizes are typically measured in linear terms, diagonally, obscuring the fact that larger images require much more light (proportional to the image area, not just the length of a side). Increasing the diagonal measure of the image by 25 % reduces the image brightness by 35 per cent; an increase of 41 per cent reduces brightness by half.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) is a technology by Texas Instruments, used in projection TV and video projectors. One application of DLP is DLP projectors (small standalone projection units). DLP, along with LCD and LCoS are the current display technologies behind rear-projection television, having replaced the older CRT projectors. These rear-projection technologies compete against LCD and Plasma flat panel displays in the HDTV market. DLP is also one of the leading technologies used in digital cinema projection.

Leading manufacturers of projector, projector accessories, and lamps, include: 3M, Canon, Elite Screens, Epson, Hitachi, InFocus, Interlink, Mitsubishi, NEC, A related product is the digital white board (or digital boards) and overhead projectors.

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